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Q. Put Fundae.

Ans-> Refer comments

Digg This..!!

Q. Identify. In the News recently.

Ans-> Come on guys show some love..!!

This is the "telectroscope" which visually connects London and
New York...! Was in d news off-late..

Refer ->

Another Easy Connect Question

Connect these 3 pics


The answer is owner of IPL Champs Rajasthan Royals : Emerging Media

Shane Warne : Rajasthan Royal captain
Michal Jackson: Member of Advisory board of Emerging Media
Steve Gerrad: Liverpool and Emerging media coming up with a business contract deal soon.

Thanks Sid : Here Michal Jackson is Michael Richard Jackson (born February 11, 1958[1]) is a British television producer and executive. He is notable for being one of only three people to have been Controller of both BBC One and BBC Two, puns intended!!

Q. Connect These ppl in the pic... The list/pics rather are not exhaustive (should be close to 70 in total)...

ANS-> Shyam is a cracker... The answer is Olympic torch bearers frm India for The Beijing Edition....

The Oscar Quiz..

Q. If I were to put one pic .. what would it be??

Ans-> Cracked by 2... The missing link is Lagaan ... These are the other Nominations of that year for Best International Film..
A Couple of identifications...

Q1. Identify this character/ give related company's name ...(u know one u know the other)

Ans->This is "Sony Boy"... a Former Mascot for the Company...

Q. Identify and give the name of the related company again (Sitter!)

Ans-> Almost cracked... They are Emil Jillinek and daughter Mercedes ..

NBA.. for once i venture into my favrt genre...

Q. Put Fundae/Connect...

ANS-> These are the only 3 match-ups in the Play-Offs History when 8th seed has beaten the 1st seed..

In the mood for Sitters,,

Q. Identify and Put Fundae...

Ans-> This is Raj Patel from Archie's.. 1st character of Indian Origin in the popular script..


Q. This is an advert for what.. Sitter..!!

Q, Who are the newest kings of European club football??

(lol... couldn't refrain from rubbing it in....lmao...!!... just a jibe blokes..!!)

Ans-> The advert is for the game "Snake" which most u have played i suppose...
Saddening... NO CRACKS !!!

moe and minh are b*!^!&*!!

Q. Whose missing in the photo...?? (The red question mark... top right corner..)

ps- he's all over the mirch-masala news channels...duno why tho!!

Ans-> Some rather animated answers.. yes, its Dalip Singh Rana a.k.a The Overly-hyped Khali


Q. Identify whose being honoured in the note... loads of clues on the pic...

Q.Print Ad by Whom..??

Ans-> 1. Edmund Hillary.
2. Ad by PETA mocking Burger King of course .

Highway to Hell!?!?!

Q. In the news....!! Come under trouble.. but it'll stay as of now.. What is this..

Ans-> This is adam's bridge/setu samudram


Q. Simple enough... connect them..!!

Ans-> refer Comments

Bloody Spanish omelettes, why Raul?

Q. Connect em ..

Q. They are famous, how?

The first one, the connection is Wadia. Jinnah's daughter, Dina Jinnah married Parsi-born Christian businessman, Neville Wadia, the grandfather of Ness Wadia, who is dating Preity Zinta. The first picture is that of Zaroaster.

The second, GOODFELLAS. Ray Liotta portrayed Henry Hill. Jimmy Conway was played by Robert De Niro based on Jimmy Burke. Tommy DeVito was played by Joe Pesci in his acclaimed Academy Award-winning performance based on Thomas DeSimone.

Hail the blues ..!!

ID the guy who is in the news.


First one, Oscar Pistorius, the 'blade runner' from South africaSecond, Idi Amin. Forest Whitaker played the ruthless dictator in the last king of scotland which won him an Academy Award. Idi Amin was exiled to live in Saudi Arabia, where he died in 2003. Also, during his rule, an Air France flight was hijacked and led to drama at the Entebbe International Airport. (the 1st picture is the old logo of air france)

Damn you Alex, You did it again ...!!

Q. Id the lady and associate her with MGM

Q. Sitter, ID both and more importantly the occasion.

1.The lady in the pic is Lillian Randolph, the voice of Mammy two shoes in Tom and Jerry, made by MGM.

2. The picture has Alex Ferguson honoring Sami Al Jaber, the Saudi Arabian soccer legend at the testimonial match between Al Hilal and Manchester United, which the Red Devils apparently lost. Thats alright, as long they got a reported 1 million british pounds for it . . .

For the gaffer ..!!

Q. Put fundae

Q. Connect em . .

1. Beginning in 1920, a team of farm boys, including Ray Weishaar, who became known as the "hog boys," consistently won races. The group had a hog, or pig as their mascot. Following a win, they would put the pig (a real one) on their Harley and take a victory lap. In 1983, the Motor Company formed a club for owners of its product taking advantage of the long-standing nickname by turning "hog" into the acronym H.O.G., for Harley Owners Group. Also, the company had its NYSE ticker changed from HDI to HOG. 2. All the above bands, Amon Amarth, Gorgoroth and Burzum have taken their names from J.R.R Tolkien's books. Keep quizzing folks..!!

Jai Gulti!

This quiz goes for gultaaaiah hu cried for a C .. hope u feel better gulti, LMAO!!

Q. Big list, this one. What about it?

Q. Put fundae

First one, yes, it is the list used by the car thieves in the movie Gone in 60 seconds, where they give cars names of girls.

Second, it is the old logo of Proctor and Gamble logo which was given bad publicity, owing to the striking satanic resemblance

Ay' Caramba

Q. Connect these.....

And Stay tuned for some more Q's...!!

Answer: Babel Fish

Explanation :
Monty python- douglas adams acted in it..
he wrote the book HHGTTG(4th pic)
alta vista has the "Babel fish" engine..
thts the norwegian band Babel fish..
the book introduced the fictional creature..
Howzzz dat!!!
And here goes 1 more . . .

Q. This served as an inspiration for ...?

Q. Put fundae

This is a nice one..!!

Q. Tonnes of contreversies..Identify and put fundae.

Q. Connect.Explain all pics..

Ans-> (1st one in comments...)

Ans-> The connect is Asterix.... The amusemnt park is the 1st to be Asterix themed...thats the satellite Asterix... The Belin Chips came out with Asterix range of munchies...lastly the 2006 fifa WC final was dubbed by many newspapers as the battle b/w the romans and the gauls....

WASD..thats how i move..

Q. Not quite what u think... Who are these guys....??

p.s. - Led Zeppelin vocalist Robert Plant has said that they are his favorite Led Zeppelin cover band.He has also saved them from various Copyright cases and sues...!!

ANS-> These guys call themselves "Dread Zeppelin" .... They are a proper type cover...All over Youtube.... Their singer is an Elvis impersonator... trust me they are kick a**, even Led Zeppelin loves these guys and have saved them from many Copyright cases and sues..!! +they are very famous... Dunno why no 1 got this..!!
Q. Real lite one ... I'll add one on onto this...

June 28, 1997: A Wax Statue Is moved from Sports Hall Of Fame To the Chamber Of Horrors. Put FUNDAE !! Give Importance To the date.

Q. Easy One on Sports.. Identify ... Put fundae w.r.t the Score Board ....!!

Q. Where would you find this ... Put Fundae...

Toto arbit stuff ppl come up with....

Q. Identify the "Graphic Novel"....What did it inspire...U know one u'll know the other....
Easy n Nice one mates...!!!

Q. Identify whose this advertisement for...Pretty Famous because this was nowhere near elated to what they actually do......

(Answers to prev rounds.)