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Q. Whats so special about the car designs/models.... Inspiration???

(ps- Best pic i cud find!!)

ANS-> This is a Car designed by a NID student modeled on the

Q. Identify.... Sitter for those who are fans...

Ans-> Grrrr.... No LOTR fans...!!! .... This is Numenor...Middle Earth!!
Characteristic Star shape...Mount Meneltarma in the middle..!!?!

No takers for either questions..!!

Hot Shot

Q. Spiddy poster .. 'twas later removed ... why??

ps- the clue is in the pic...

Ans-> After WTC 9/11 it was brought down... the twin towers are visible in
the reflection in d eyes if u see...

Hope u have'nt seen this before..

Q. I'll put in a straigght-forward manner...What/Who is the flag representative of..??

Ans- This is the flag/emblem representing "Esperanto"...


Going for Gold!!!

Q. What exactly is this graph representative off...???

Q. Who is this referring to.... Toooooo Easy ppl..!!

Total record: 57 wins (54 KO), 23 Losses, 1 Draw.Res.OpponentTypeRdLocationDateNotesLossMason DixonSplit decision10Las Vegas, Nevada26-02-2005CharityExhibition- made an incredible comeback after not fighting for nearly 20 yearsWinIvan DragoKO15Moscow, Russia25-12-1985Exhibition- gave title up to fight Drago, He then retired in 1986 due to brain damageWinClubber LangKO3New York City, New York12-01-1982 wins the World Heavyweight Championship Goes into semi retirement, remains Ring magazine championLossClubber LangKO2New York City, New York15-08-1981Title defense, loses titleDrawThunderlipsDrawN/AN/A10-02-1981Charity matchWinUnknownKON/AN/A29-01-1981Title defenseWinUnknownKON/AN/A07-09-1980Title defenseWinUnknownKON/AN/A17-03-1980Title defenseWinUnknownKON/AN/A24-08-1979Title defenseWinUnknownKON/AN/A09-01-1979Title defenseWinUnknownKON/AN/A03-10-1978Title defenseWinVito SotoKON/A…

Single arbit,,, ll double it

Q. This guuy is now a back to back champion in a skill... what skill... id the guy if possible...

Q. U know about this movie.. uv seen glimpses/ whole of it... Which one is it..??

Random Easy Fun

"It was chaos, wasn’t it? What was going on off the stage was just beyond comprehension - stretchers and dead bodies and people throwing up and people having bad trips . . . I thought the whole of America had gone mad." --Pete Townsend, The Who
"If you can remember X, you probably weren’t there." --Wavy Gravy
"It was unbelievable, man; I was looking for Jesus out there . . . But all I saw was bottles and titties." --Kid Rock
"Holy shit, it looks like Apocalypse Now out there." --Anthony Kiedis, RHCP
"Rage Against the Latrines" – The Rolling Stone Magazine title.

What is being referred to...???

Q. Identify and put fundae to its claim to fame...


Q. Identify this building which is going to be built...

It is actually going to be someone's mansion and the estimate cost oveshoots a billion!!

2 Teasers...!!

Q. Identify this and do so its wiki page... loads of interesting facts...!!
(Courtesy - Outlook Magazine!)


The Svalbard Global Seed Vault, or the Doomsday Vault as the media have nicknamed it, will be the ultimate safety net for the world’s most important natural resource. Wiki for intricate details .... has connections with bill gates n all also!!

Q. Small Cas are now the trend i suppose... Identify the manufacturers...
(Wicked one... tell me if clues are required..!!)

Ans-> This one is Swatch... The car is called "Smart Car"..!!

No Cracks et all!!!
Ask for Clues ppl!!!


Q. What are these set of ppl also called..and then put fundae as to their claim to fame...err well..!!....?? (V' made it real easy!!)

Front row (from left): Herbert Biberma, attorneys Martin Popper and Robert W. Kenny, Albert Maltz, Lester Cole. Middle row: Dalton Trumb, John Howard Lawson, Alvah Bessie, Samuel Ornitz. Back row: Ring Lardner Jr., Edward Dmytryk, Adrian Scott.

Ans- Refer comments for it!!
Q. Connect these...('Tis a Sitter!!!)

Q. The up and down,
The circular swing, The whip, Drunk style, The half-circle or V,
The figure eight, The side to side, The whiplash, The Two up-Two down , The all-out,
The thrust, The hammer, The low-profile, The full body, The gallop, The half body....

Wha in the world am i talking about...?!?

(Google it...!!! I want ppl to read about it ;P )

A nice one

Q. Identify the Place... or just put fundae... Either ways!!
And the last one is still on!!

ANS-> Cant believe no one got this!!! This is Ben and Jerry's Flavor Graveyard........
They bury all their dropped flavors...totally brilliant effect!!!


Q. Put Fundae....

(Clue- Hollywood walk of Fame)

Ans-> This is the letter written by the Sex Pistols to the HWOF refusing to acknowledge being given a Star by HWOF....They actually peed outside on the statue also i think as the story Goes...
read the letter now for intricate details!!
(ps- thnk q u anonymous!!)


Q. Now Put Fundea about this book...

(Clue- Gained immense popularity during war

times !!)

Q. Mysore Paints and Varnish Limited is a company located in the city of Mysore, India. The company was started as the Mysore Lac and Paints Limited by the Maharaja of Mysore, NalvadiKrishnarajaWodeyar in the year 1937 for manufacturing paints and other related products. It is the only Indian company to produce what...???
is the only company in India to produce what?

An Easy One...

Q. Identify....(It was in the news very recently)..
Q. This video is from the movie Asoka . If you carefully observe both Kareena and SRK are sporting tattoos. They(the tattoos) were there for a reason. Put Fundae

Q. Now put fundae behind this google doodle.... The following doodle appears at only certain instances... When and why..??

(Blogasm's question is still on...!!)

Answer this...!!

Identify the print ad and whats the reason that caused this advertisement getting into some serious controversy??

Ans- the ad is obviously by Absulut Vodka... it was recently in news because they showed the Mexican territory to be greater than its actual size...They showed Mexico post 1848 war and were hence in a soup with the USG...

(Question from TOI - Global Section)
Q. What happened as a result/ Put fundae....

Ans-Pakistani-born and Bangkok based photographer Adrees Latif won the Pulitzer for Reuters in the Breaking News Photography with his shot showing a Japanese videographer sprawled on the payment fatally wounded during a street demonstration in Myanmar.
Q. Give the name/ What is the building modelled after.....????

A Single Shot...


white are,
all I see,
in my infancy,
red and yellow then came to be,
reaching out to me,
lets me see.
There is,
more that
beckons me,
to look through to these,
infinite possibilities.
As below so above and beyond I imagine,
drawn outside the lines of reason,
push the envelope,
watch it bend.

Put Fundae.

(Get it without googling.... Its very workable the way I'v put it....)

(P.S.- Thnx to Vamsi for this one...!!)

Check the comments for answer.......