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Loose ends...

Q. Using these 2 pics tell me what was "losely" inspired??

No takers for this one...!!
Ans- This is the script that inspired the mc avoy- jolie starrer "wanted"...!!

Connect Em' Boys!!

Q. The list of pics is not exaustive but i s enough to guess the answer. So .. Connect!!

!Xobile- Claim to Fames.

Q. What is his claim to fame...??

Q. And whats his claim to fame??

The Good, The Bad and The Gulti.

Here are a few on word origins aka etymologies..

Q. A fanatical Ismaili Muslim sect of the time of the Crusades, under leadership of the "Old Man of the Mountains" (translates Arabic shaik-al-jibal, name applied to Hasan ibu-al-Sabbah), with a reputation for murdering opposing leaders after intoxicating themselves by eating hashish. Hence the Arabic word hashishiyyin or "hashish-users" came. Further corruption of the word led to this word in the English. What word?

Q. XXX has its origin from Old English. When the grass is mowed a second crop of grass springs up which when cut yields a XXX. What is XXX ??

Q. John Montagu(the 4th earl of ABC) spent 24 hours on the gaming table without a regular meal and ordered ingredients comprising primarily bread and roasted beef. Hence Y originated.. what was it??

Q. What specie has its origin from an Australinn aborginal word meaning "Drink Nothing"?