WASD..thats how i move..

Q. Not quite what u think... Who are these guys....??

p.s. - Led Zeppelin vocalist Robert Plant has said that they are his favorite Led Zeppelin cover band.He has also saved them from various Copyright cases and sues...!!

ANS-> These guys call themselves "Dread Zeppelin" .... They are a proper type cover...All over Youtube.... Their singer is an Elvis impersonator... trust me they are kick a**, even Led Zeppelin loves these guys and have saved them from many Copyright cases and sues..!! +they are very famous... Dunno why no 1 got this..!!


is it knu galik and band or katallica ??
Apoooooorv,.. said…
LOL..i don't think so buddy...
Anonymous said…
judas priest???or cbs???

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