Bloody Spanish omelettes, why Raul?

Q. Connect em ..

Q. They are famous, how?

The first one, the connection is Wadia. Jinnah's daughter, Dina Jinnah married Parsi-born Christian businessman, Neville Wadia, the grandfather of Ness Wadia, who is dating Preity Zinta. The first picture is that of Zaroaster.

The second, GOODFELLAS. Ray Liotta portrayed Henry Hill. Jimmy Conway was played by Robert De Niro based on Jimmy Burke. Tommy DeVito was played by Joe Pesci in his acclaimed Academy Award-winning performance based on Thomas DeSimone.


Anonymous said…
priety zinta is dating jinnah's great grandson ness wadia.
Anonymous said…
priety dating ness wadia the great grandson of jinnah and kings xi punjab inspired from the saint????
Prahlad Srihari said…
1st one has already been answered.
2.Jimmy Burke, Thomas Desimone & Henry Hill.
The 'Goodfellas'.


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