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I (Picture Quiz)

Q. Which comic strip character did he pseudo-inspire or reframing simply connect him to a comic character.

A.L.I.B.I. (Connect Quiz)

Q. Connect the three logos of the club and the man to explain that why these3 logos arespecificallyunique wrt to all Serie A teams.

What've u been doing lately (Connect Quiz)

Q. The pic list is not exhaustive.Connect them.

Broyght to you by.

Q. Identify who this is and what is so special/unique about this image??

Ans- The true face of cleopatra was rebuild using technology in 3-d. Said to be the most accurate re-creation.

Cracks- Anirudh , Dhananjay.

Two for Te Deum.. Captain Random..(Random Quiz)

Q. Identify the pic.. Eeejjee Bhun..

Q. Saw this and I realized i never noticed properly..        Idetify company to which this logo belongs..

1. Chinese Democracy
2. Jockey International.
Debashish, JWalker.

QOTD. Gen Quiz

Q. Identify the general parameter of the graph (as in the color code- what it represents). Identify the red colour's parameter(specific). Comment if question not clear.

This is % use vs the time span wrt to internet browsers. The red line I wanted was Mozilla Firefox.
Cracks- 0

Sunday. (Movie Quiz)

Q. Whilst giving the funda where would you find this image and connect it to a hindi film. (Or connect to another film if you prefer it that way or both if want to.)

This is on the dvd of momento.. connect obviously is ghjini (2k5 n 2k8)... Cracked by Shrey.

Trains (Blog Quiz)

Q. What is the following said to have inspired...??

(ps- I knew this thing was ripped from somewhere) 
Ans- Indeed it is roadies.. (implying raghu aka bald bastard isnt all that creative!!) Cracks- rubs, shrey, dhananjay, anirudh.

Reservoir (Movie Quiz)

Q. Identify this critically acclaimed movie.. (Recently in the news.)

Ans- Slum Dog Millionaire.
Cracks- Anirudh, Rubs, Dhananjay, ibex team.


Q.What are these two pics suggestive of? As in pseudo connect or infer to tell me      What is being talked about or referred to??

Ans- 1st pic is logo of ivy league and second its distribution on the map of US. Connect being Ivy league.
Cracks- Miraj(0.5) and Dhananjay (0.5)

A stitch sublimes n paves a mine..dunno why i said that..

Q. Identify Co related to the print ad?? .. One of the easier Ones..

Ans- This one is Heinz Ketchup. Observe carfully.
NO Cracks :(


Q. Simple enough.. which team's jersey is this..?? Clues in the pic..!

Ans- Man United or Newton Health FC..
Cracks- Sravvvy n Dhananjay.

Of creatures young and old..

Q. What is this creature's claim to fame... Also name it??

Ans- This is Johnathan. Oldest living animal@176 yrs.

Straight from the news..

Q1. What is this random piece or cultivation of barley's claim-to-fame or what are they leading to??

Ans- Barley CUltivation(in an outer space satellite cum Lab) for Space beer... it is!!
Cracks- Anirudh, Dhananjay, JhonnyWalker..


Q. Ok what you tou have to do is identify this man.. his achievement wrt TIME and India and why was he on the cover??

** Click to enlarge

Ans- Is the Nizam of Hyde.. featured since he was the richest man back then and one of the rare billionaires.
Cracks- Rubbiya, Dhananjay, Quizblogs and Sumo.

Not a French Connection!!

Connect the two pics by forging a story.

Ans- After listening to Frank Sinatra’s song “Strangers in the Night”, Silverman decided to rename “Too Much” as “Scooby-Doo” and the show as “Scooby-Doo, Where are You!”
Cracks- Sravvvy, Dhananjay(we believe u.) and Rubbiya.
Look at the pictures above.Connect them. (Hint:There's a name missing in the bubble...find out the name and then try connecting the pics).                                                                                                    
This google doodle was released on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Bday which coincided with Herge's Bday and the name missing in the pic is the  connect is Herge.Herge's bday is also acceptable.
Cracks- Dhanajay or not.