Jai Gulti!

This quiz goes for gultaaaiah hu cried for a C .. hope u feel better gulti, LMAO!!

Q. Big list, this one. What about it?

Q. Put fundae

First one, yes, it is the list used by the car thieves in the movie Gone in 60 seconds, where they give cars names of girls.

Second, it is the old logo of Proctor and Gamble logo which was given bad publicity, owing to the striking satanic resemblance


Anonymous said…
2)The Proctor & Gamble logo of the moon and stars was rumored to be a satanic symbol.
polo_911 said…
1. This is the list used in the movie Gone in 60 seconds, where they use names of girls to denote each car
2.The p&g logo which had satanic resemblance
corrupt666 said…
Mr polo gets em right .. both, bravo!!

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