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Barge Limpson..

Q. What'd this "losely" inspire pertaining to B'wood??

Ans- Yea the secene from "taare Zameen Par" was borrowed frm this. Cracks- Dhananjay, Nakki, Anirudh, JhonnyWalker, Vrashabh.

Connect the above pictures.

Ans- Leo Burnett
Cracks- JhonnyWalker & Dhananjay

Lusty the Brown...

Q. Greetings... this I picked from a local quiz.. Which company had this famous logo in the past????

Ans- Cannon.. Thats "Kwanon" the old name and godess..
Cracks- blablablacksheep, dhananjay and JhonnyWalker.

Are you dead yet??

Sorry guys been a lil busy with exams.. now with all endeavor lets restart the questioning and answering!! Easy ones on the comeback trail..!!
Q. Put Fundae.

Q. Map for??
1. Church of Maradonna. (No Cracks.)
2. Oz. (cracks- visaka, JW )