moe and minh are b*!^!&*!!

Q. Whose missing in the photo...?? (The red question mark... top right corner..)

ps- he's all over the mirch-masala news channels...duno why tho!!

Ans-> Some rather animated answers.. yes, its Dalip Singh Rana a.k.a The Overly-hyped Khali


Prahlad Srihari said…
The Great Khali (The Longest Yard).
BAD said…
The Great Khali..
The Great Khali, of course...
Sriram said…
dushmano ka dushman, babbar sher jo apne dushmano ko kuchal deta hai...

deeee greattttt khali... :P

kya karein.. ye aaj tak aur star news ka effect hain..

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