Number of the Beast- 100

Q. This is the 1st logo of a very famous company. Which??
(BIGGG clue in the edited pic..!!)

Ans-> It indeed is "Apple"...good answer..!!

Q. The statitistics show some projected scores. To the left are D/L predictions. Forge a guess for the right...Very recent..Very easy..!!!

Ans-> Ah !! if it is'nt Nakki with the answer.. is the VJD method by V.Jayadevan.!! (also Refer Comments)


saurabh said…
former logo of apple computers.......
jollyrover said…
Yea... it is Apple ... can see Newton in the picture there.. bellow the apple off coursae..!!
Nakul PS said…
Its VJD method of V jayadevan for score prediction in rain halted cricket matches.

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