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An easy one. Connect the pictures to state two terms, one being a mere extention of the other. You may/ may not ignore the US colour code because it only showws the nationality of the two other men.

Smoke on the walker..

Q. Whose christening did the cricketer famously inspire..? clue- This is not a sports question. here is another pic clue.. Ans- Jeeves from the Wodehouse fame. He was named after cricketer Percy Jeeves and the man below was off course PGW himself.. Cracks- Nakki..Awesome crack!!

Keeping with it..

Here is another controversial advert.. Idenitfy the company.. ans- Tuff shoe cracks- nakki, techie, sumeet, rahul, anonym, sudhir, sravan.

Sitter Today, Gone Tommorow.

Q. A simple one. The advertiser? The Controversy? ans- Burger King The advertisement shows a picture of Lakshmi, the Indian goddess of wealth over a beef burgers, which are forbidden under Hindu religion. Being offensive it was taken back with immediate effect. cracks- techie, avneeth, sumeet, raklodrama , aviral, ron, KP, aman , Chitananda.

One More.

Q. Here's another one from sports..The teams include stars right from the Williams sisters, Sharapova, kournikova to Leander Paes. Where would you find these teams participating? Ans- world team tennis(WTT) started by billie jean king.. It happens right after wimbledon and hence not many players opt to play in it.. However with bigger names joining it has been gaining popularity.. Cracks- Sravan Techie Aman Adeesh Aviral Sumeeth Chitananda S'man Mike

We All Fall Down..

Q. Wasserman Media Group who were the agents of Micheal Owen had come out with a booklet of Micheal Owen to ignite a transfer which ultimately meant Owen being a Man Utd. player. Now fans of another team XXX came out with a booklet of YYY as a joke. The reason is his much disliked persona and "ego" leading to him being a disliked figure at the club. XXX, YYY?? Ans- The team is Arsenal and the player is Adebayor Cracks- Sravan Avneeth Aviral Techie

Water Water Everywhere...

Q. This for my favorite city.. Identify the construction.. Ans- This is the Bandra Worli Sea Link Cracks- Anonymous Aviral S. Mike Sumeet Raklodrama Techie

Trampoline Man..

Hypoglycemia, dehydration, acetaldehyde intoxication, and vitamin B12 deficiency are all theorized causes of symptoms. It may last up to two or three days.The term was originally a 19th century expression describing unfinished business—something left over from a meeting—or ‘survival.’ In 1904, the meaning that we now associate first surfaced.Dehydration, fatigue, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, flatulence, weakness, elevated body temperature, hypersalivation, difficulty concentrating, sweating, anxiety, irritability, sensitivity to light and noise, erratic motor functions (including tremor), trouble sleeping, severe hunger, and lack of depth perception are the visible symptoms. Ther no "proven-remedies" though many have their insightful opinions on it. What am I talking about?? Ans- Hangover. Cracks- Sairam Aviral Chitananda Aman Anonymous

Never Say Never..

In the mood for superheroes.. Identify the comic series. Recently a movie adaptation was made by XXX. XX had also previously made a movie YYY based on a graphic novel.. The strip,XXX and YYY please.. ps- Im sorry for the erratic frequency of posting.. I'd put it down to dearth of questions and nothing much moving in the news.. Ans- The strip: Watchmen XXX: Zack Snyder YYY: 300 Cracks- Avneeth Aviral RON

Connect Quiz

Connect. Ans- They are collectively known as the "Big 4".. They are famous auditing companies... Cracks- Saurabh Aviral AR