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Q. Connect and put fundae.......

Quiz : WikiMania

P.s.- " to non-quizzers - go ahead Google it!!! to Quizzers- Don't need to tell you guys..!! Q. The XXX was invented by physicist Leonard Reiffel, who used it to draw illustrations on a series of science shows he did for public television in the late 1950s. The user interface for early XXX required the user to draw on a TV screen with a light pen, whereas modern implementations are commonly controlled with a touch screen or tablet PC. Today XXX are widely used in broadcasts of all major sports. They have also become a useful tool in televised weather reports. Ans- The Telestrator... Q. • 1992 - _________________ • 1994 - Michael Stich • 1995 - Pete Sampras • 1996 - Sergei Bruguera • 1999- Andrei Medvedev Complete this list. ans- Goran ivanisevic... Andre Aggasi opponents in GS's he's won.. Q. Antonio Prohías's wordless “_________" the never-ending battle between the iconic characters in it, has outlasted the Cold War that inspire
Q. Complete the series and give funda..!! Charlie Griffith , Ewen Chatfield, Alan Hurst, Greg Chappell , Dipak Patel , Kapil Dev and -XXX .. Ans- Vinoo mankad...(refer comments.!!) Cracked by rishab.

Quiz- Left,Right and Center

Q. Identify left, identify right, identify occasion/put fundae!! ans- yuvraj singh, hakan yakin, swiss-portugese match m-o-m ceremony...

Long time since rock n' roll...

Q. This is a pic from an extremely, extremely controversial Dutch Film which was banned in a mater of no time because of issued threats. The originator happens to be a Dutch powerhouse. The film please. Ans- Fitna

Quiz. conncet 'ese

Q. Connect..(Pics not exaustive but sufficient..) Ans- Space Jam is the connect..refer comments for details... Aced by the Barron

Quiz , This one for the ambitious and the over-ambitious . . .

Q. Connect the 3 pictures . . . The first picture is that of investor billioanaire Prince Walid bin Talal, the first person to order an Airbus 380 for his personal use. The second pic is the logo of Air Canada - the Airbus affair, pertaining to allegations of secret commissions paid to members of the Government of Canada during the term of Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, in exchange for then-crown corporation Air Canada's purchase of a large number of Airbus jets. The third picture is that of former Airbus and EADS CEO Noël Forgeard, who was a lot in the news recently made a 2.5 million Euro profit on the sale of EADS shares, as well as his children the next day for 4.2 million Euro, just weeks before news of Airbus A380 delays was released So the connection is AIRBUS ... !!!


Q. Connect.. <<3rd>airport of La Réunion>> Q. Identify..! ANS-> The connect is Roland Garros...(1 crack) 1st- the grand slam 2nd- the car range by peugot 3rd- An international airport named after the same Ans2 - (no crks!) This is the famous Swarovski Crystal Factory....

Quiz : Science n Tech.

Q. What is the graph represenatative. Who currently lead the way for the same?? ps - intresting twitch if clues r needed..!! ANS-> This is called h-index.. some details in comments... The person who happens to have the highest h-index is Ed Witten, the man behind the theory of Everything..

Quiz for the Random!

Q. Identify who this is..?? ANS-> Everyone got this.. it is 50 Cent...

Quod erat demonstrandum

Q. Identify left..What is his significant contribution to right apart from being in it as an actor ?? Ans-> 99% cracked by Super-Anonymous ... Left is off-course Bob Dylan... Actually what i was looking for was that this was the movie Bob Dylan 1st composed "Knocking On Heaven's Door" for...

This is smiple da!!

Q. What is this route referring to...?? ANS-> This is the Palace on Wheels Route...cracked !

Its in the Game..

Q. Give me the precise name of the game being played by the gentlemen here... Ans- No cracks..!! This is cll Muggle Quidditch.. look at the two balls.. goden and the white one.. figurable..!!