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QUIZ 5.....!!!!!

Here goes folks... Q. Connect with fundae the given pics (SITTER...!) Ans- The number phi(1.619) aka Golden Ratio Q. Connect the following… (do so very precisely… only ½ a pt. for off the mark answers) . Santa Claus Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks Richie Rich Lex Luthor C. Montgomery Burns Scrooge McDuck Jed Clampett Bruce Wayne Thurston Howell III Willy Wonka Arthur Bach Ebenezer Scrooge Lara Croft Cruella De Vil Lucius Malfoy Ans- Forbes list of 15 richest characters(fictional ones obviously ) Q. Connect the following…. Reese Witherspoon , Bruce Willis , Jean-Claude Van Damme , Ben Stiller , Brooke Shields , Charlie Sheen , Julia Roberts , Denise Richard , Brad Pitt , Sean Penn , Elle Macpherson , Jay Leno , George Clooney , … Ans- Appearence on friends Q. Connect the two... tis a sitter (i know!!!).. Ans -> fall out boy…. They played unnamed .. In their 3 rd performance they asked the crowd for a name…and one of them shouted out fall out bo