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Current Affairs Bizzzzy Quizzzy One!!!

Update 21:50 ,30 Nov 2007::: Due to good response by mail the answers will be published later ..keep on trying!!! Presenting the current affairs quiz for the week November 19 - 24. Hope you enjoy it. 1. Which Indian company last week announced it has bought out US-based jewellery chain Rogers for Rs 80 crore? 2. The century-old FMCG major Amrutanjan, as part of its attempt to become a family-oriented healthcare products company, has changed its name. What will it be known as? 3. Which Indian company has agreed to acquire Natrol, a branded nutritional products company in the US for $81 million (Rs 318 crore)? 4. Which MNC has announced that it will launch its international collection for kids including Tech Sports, Classics, Edge, Metromobility, Core, Sprint fit (boys’ range), Sweets, Dance Academy, Rhythm, Tech Sport and Workout (girls’ range) in India? 5. Hotmail co-founder Sabeer Bhatia last week launched a software which has all the features of Microsoft Office 2007 and it work

QUIZ 1....

QUIZ "UNO"......!!!!!! 1. The worldly action heroine gives the image of the uptight, stuffy British noblewoman a black eye, routinely risking life and limb to secure lost treasures locked away in uncanny locations. A star among stars, she's been portrayed by no less than nine famous models, voiced by Minnie Driver, and even shared the stage with Bono during U2's Pop Mart tour in the late '90s. Ans- Lara Croft 2. Whose honor was this band made for....??? Ans - Dimebag Darell 3, About half a million people have downloaded a mobile phone ringtone featuring the phrase “ Por que no te callas ? " according to leading Madrid daily El Pais . The ringtone is thought to have generated around $2.2 million for the companies selling it, El Pais said. T-shirts and mugs featuring the words are also becoming a profitable business, and videos of the confrontation have been a hit on the YouTube website. Pirated copies of the quote have been popping up in South American c

Small Business Loan

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Unsecured Loans

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Business Loans

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**1. T is a famous Irish traditional song about a highwayman (thief), who is betrayed by his wife or lover. It is one of the most widely performed traditional Irish songs, and has been recorded by groups such as The Dubliners , The Pogues , Peter, Paul and Mary , The Highwaymen , the Leper Khanz , Roger Whittaker , the Brobdingnagian Bards and others. It was also given a rock veneer by an Irish rock band inspired by vocalist Phil Lynott . This later went on to be covered by some great bands including U2, though their version was not amongst the best in the contemporaries. What am I talking about?? 2. Pakistan: Nargis, Laila, Nilofar, Titli, Bulbul India: Agni, Akash, Bijli, Jal, Megh Sri Lanka: Priya, Sama, Das, Soba Connect these. <<>> 3. There are reportedly 17 cities in the US competing for the premier of this movie. all of them have the same name _____, and 2 other cities in UK of the same name want to host the UK premie