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Back Quiz : COnnect the pics/pictures.

All previous answers have been updated and all crackers honoured(almost.).. You can have a look at at and now down to business.. ..................................................................................... Q. Vaguely connect.(Clue - In Jimi's pic its not Hendrix u have to refer to..Ther's something else in the pic.) ans- The connect actually was windows xp.. the jimi hendrix pic was used to potray merely the word experience.. windows xp is for windows experience(most accepted story...) .. then off course XP is made of the greek symbols chi-rho(last).. and aslo many people labeled it 'cairo' as a euphonic word<.. a lil vague but these are the supposed stories around the name../span>

Connect ~Simple~ : Quiz Blog

Q. A real simple ent connect for today.. Ans- Ther is also a 3rd pic.. princess diana's,, it wasnt showing for some reason.. answer is candle in the wind.. dedicated to monroe and diana after her death.. Craks- Sudhir Jwalker Sandy

joga part 3

Will be updating previous answers soon.. 11. The art director of the institution Cedric Gibbons supervised the design by printing the design on scroll. In need of a model Gibbons was introduced by his then wife Dolores del Río to Mexican actor Emilio "El Indio" Fernández. Reluctant at first, Fernández was finally convinced to pose naked to create it. Then sculptor George Stanley sculpted Gibbons's design in clay, and Sachin Smith cast it in 92.5 percent tin and 7.5 percent copper and then gold-plated it. What am I talking about?? 12. The United Kingdom has the most winners at 24. Second is Australia with six winners. Ireland and India each have four winners. Winners of what? 13. The elder has dark hair and the younger has blond hair and blue eyes. The brothers are 18 and 17 years of age. The boys are in the same school grade, due to a year in which one was ill with scarlet fever and missed a year of school. They live in the city of Bayport with their father, Fen

Joga part 2

6. Put fundae: Pescadero, Santa Cruz, Lucia, Oceano, Naples, Glendale, Indio, Royal Oak, One Tree Hill, Phoenix, Deer Park, Bon Echo, Gran Paradiso, Shiretoko... 7. Connect: Valley of Peace, Thread of Hope, Chor Ghom Prison, Jade Palace... 8. Jobs and Woz took a working model of X plus a cassette interface card to the Personal Computer Festival. An onlooker termed their product as a “crude cigar box”, and it was positively amateurish in comparison to some of the other models there and didn’t attract much attention. Hiring a handful of employees who were mostly high school students, they started preparing for the West Coast Computer Fair. There, the world set its eyes on the sleekest, most professional looking computer which had the most advanced motherboard of its time. X went to revolutionize the PC market and is still remembered fondly by hobbyists as one of the first real Personal Computers. Identify X. 9. The Sumerians knew it 6000 years ago. At first, it was t

Joga Bonito part 1

Her's a set of a few dry ones from the year round competition held in NIT-W named Joga. 1. Excerpt from History of Mathematics by Howard Eves: “Aryabhatta called it the ardha-jya (half-chord) and jya-ardha(chord-half), and then abbreviated the term by simply using jya(chord). From jya the Arabs phonetically derived jiba, which, following the Arabic practice of omitting vowels was written as jb. Now jiba is a meaningless word in Arabic. Later writers who came across jb as an abbreviation changed it to jaib, which means ‘cove’ or ‘bay’ in Arabic. When the word was translated into Latin from Arabic, it was replaced by its Latin equivalent Y meaning a cove or a bay, from whence came our present word X.”. This was instrumental in the discovery of a very important branch of mathematics. Identify X. Ans- Sine from Trignometry.. In the quiz i had also guessed algebra..not right.. 2. While studying the evolution of the internet, two names come to mind immediately. X was founded by Sh


Q. Super Easy One : Whats different?? Ans- This is the new retractable roof at wimbledon centre court. Inaugral match featured Aggasi, Graf, Henman, Clijsters. Cracks- Susa sman mike visaka sudhir dhananjay

Cirket Quiz : Quiz Blog

Connect the 4 gentlemen in the pic. Ans- I thought this was fairly easy.. these guys are known to be inventors or least to have popularized a cricket stroke.. Kapil Dev - hook marillier(tht this will give it away) - marillier shot KP- Switch Hit Haneef Mhmd. - Reverse Sweep. Cracks- NOne

Good bhun : Pic Quiz

Q. Identify these guys. They had a major impact on revelutionising a brand. Which ?? Ans- Phil Stanton, Chris Wink and Matt Goldman Blue Man Group I was looking for marinda but intel is also fair enough.. Cracks- dhananjay sudhir nakki RON Sandy Jhony Walker

Dawg : Pic Quiz

Q. This pic became extremely famous at that point of time when it was clicked. Put fundae to the pic shown. ANs- The famous photograph of Tupac Shakur taken just twenty minutes before he was shot... crask- dhananjay, aman, nakki, sudhir pai.

Squeeze.. Pic QuiZ

Q. I'll put this this one right in the nick of time (clue).. His invention has has been on all news chanels lately.. Who is he and what invention?? Warren Mitofsky, founder of Mitofsky International, is credited with having invented the exit poll..NO crax..

GooGoo.. Quiz Pic

Put fundae to the following pics.
QUIZ MODS DO NOT APPROVE COMMENTS TILL NEXT DAY OF QUESTION Q. Connect ANS- Its the Ponzi Scheme since charles ponzi, bernard madoff and charles dickens character .. Q. Moni Naor was the first person to theorize a list of ways to verify that a request comes from a human and not a bot. Primitive Xs seem to have been developed in 1997 by Andrei Broder, Martin Abadi, Krishna Bharat, and Mark Lillibridge to prevent bots from adding URLs to their search engine.In order to make the images resistant to OCR (Optical Character Recognition), the team simulated situations that scanner manuals claimed resulted in bad OCR. In 2000, Luis von Ahn and Manuel Blum coined the term 'X', improved and publicized the notion, which included any program that can distinguish humans from computers. They invented multiple examples of Xs, including the first Xs to be widely used, which were those adopted by Yahoo!. ans- Captcha


Very Easy one for the day.. (Quiz Mods please wait for a1 day before approving comments) Put Fundae.. * Banana Nut Fudge * Black Walnut * Burgundy Cherry * Butterscotch Ribbon * Cherry Macaroon * Chocolate * Chocolate Almond * Chocolate Chip * Chocolate Fudge * Chocolate Mint * Chocolate Ribbon * Coffee * Coffee Candy * Date Nut * Egg Nog * French Vanilla * Green Mint Stick * Lemon Crisp * Lemon Custard * Lemon Sherbet * Maple Nut * Orange Sherbet * Peach * Peppermint Fudge Ribbon * Peppermint Stick * Pineapple Sherbet * Raspberry Sherbet * Rocky Road * Strawberry * Vanilla * Vanilla Burnt Almond Ans- The precis eanswer actually is these were the original flavors when baskin robins was started ot in 1945. AS a subset sort of an answer there were many cracks.7. Cracks- Jhonny Walker, Sudhir Pillai, Jithin, Anup, Nakki, Aman , Dhananjay.

Connect Quiz : 3333333

Q. Connect. Ans- "Paper Archive",in which Google would print (on "96% post-consumer organic soybean sputum") and mail via traditional post. The service would be free, supported by bold, red advertisements printed on the back of the printed messages. Image attachments would also be printed on high-quality glossy paper. The image shown was released by google. The bottom pic as pointed out by nakki is reference to the Canterbury tales ofor april fools day. Paper archive is the connect. Cracks- We'll award it to nakki..

Connect Quiz

Connect ans- The guy in the picture is jamie zawinski, who has claimed to have suggested the name mozilla and worked in nestcape till 1999. His contribution was significant to the classic netscape navigator 1.0, whose logo is given. the word mozilla was also used to codename the netscape navigator project. Jamie also encouraged the idea of the open source mozilla project which used to come under the netscape corporation ! The green lizard boxing is the mozilla mascot or so it was as it changed from its green to the new red colour ! cracks- Dhananjay.. iv copied his answer right off the comments

Quiz Blog: QOTD

Q. This is said to be the 1st usage of this particular technology. Few renouned applications of this technology have been The Matrix and Max Payne(game). What?? Ans- This is known as bullet time technology. Picture shows 1st instance of usage. Used in the Neo vs "lots of agent smiths" fight in the second part. Reference - Cracks - Ritika , 1/2 cracked by mike.

Blog Quiz

Q. Could'nt resist this... Identify the doodle.. i reckon a lot of correct answers will come in.. Ans- Rabindranath Tagore's B'day Google Doodle. Cracks- Dhananjay , Ron , Aman.

Print Ad -2 : Quiz Blog

Q. Identify the print Ad. Ans- Pantene.. obviously the hair being more wavy and different was the clue in the picture. Cracks- Dhananjay

Pic Quiz : quiz blog

Q. Identify... (purely coincidential if this has appeared on some quiz-blog before.) Ans- Molecular structure of viagra. Cracks- Nakki, Dhananjay

Print Ad Quiz

Q. An easy one for the day.. Identify the print ad... Ans- The answer intended was durex, however burger king is also acceptable. Cracks- Nakki, Anonym, Saurabh Ag.

Picture Quiz.

Q. Put fundae to the picture Ans- The first permanently captured image by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. Cracks- Dhananjay, Nakki

Toughie.. Pic... Quiz Blog

Q. What did this pic inspire..?? I will put clues after some time if this goes uncracked.. Ill also be updating previous answers.. ans- Eddie, the metal head. The Iron maiden logo and mascot. This pic is said to have inspired it. Brilliant crack by Nakki.

Connect Them : Picture Connect Quiz

Ans- They are all the cast of the adeventures of tintin: secret of unicorn - Daniel Craig, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Andy Serkis and Jamie Bell carcked unethically by Sravan.