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Quiz :Lonely View.

Q. Connect as usual. Ans- Great catch there mate...The answer is they connect to names of "Lunar Craters" or even the moon would have been a fair enough answer!!

After a long time.

Q. Put Fundae whilst connecting and identifying. The arrangement of pics is INTENTIONAL. --------->>>> V PS- Sorry Ppl .. was held with college and all...Will try posting regularly.!! Ans- The answer indeed was the asteroid " Nadal" named by a Majjorcan Space Observatory .. named in his honour after he won the wimbeldon 08...
Q. The Pustaka Raja records that in the year 338 Saka (416 AD) A thundering sound was heard from the mountain Batuwara ... a similar noise from Kapi ... The whole world was greatly shaken and violent thundering, accompanied by heavy rain and storms took place, but not only did not this heavy rain extinguish the eruption of the fire of the mountain Kapi, but augmented the fire; the noise was fearful, at last the mountain Kapi with a tremendous roar burst into pieces and sank into the deepest of the earth. The water of the sea rose and inundated the land, the country to the east of the mountain Batuwara, to the mountain Raja Basa, was inundated by the sea; the inhabitants of the northern part of the Sunda country to the mountain Raja Basa were drowned and swept away with all property ... The water subsided but the land on which Kapi stood became sea, and XXX and YYY were divided into two parts. Identify XXX YYY and what exactly exploded.. famous myth ps- wiiki rippy :P


Q. XXX is a deodorant, originally sold by Mennen until the company was acquired by Colgate-Palmolive in 1992. The XXX line of products has been steadily losing popularity since its peak in the early 1990s . However, this peak was largely due to its inadvertently being featured in YYY. XXX was first released by Mennen early in 1991, and with heavy advertising campaigns , it had soon "established a market niche" with teen girls. Identify XXX and YYY.
Q. Four teens in New York went on a crime spree inspired by XX . The three teens beat and robbed a man outside of a North Hyde Park supermarket. They then went to a train station, encountering other teens they knew from their high school and recruiting them. The mob, now numbering six, armed themselves with baseball bat, a broomstick and a crowbar. They stopped a woman driving a black BMW; stole her cigarettes then her car. They then smashed a van with the baseball bat they carried. Both the driver of the BMW as well as the van called the police, and the teens were arrested shortly after. What is XX ..??? Q. What is this famous place replicated by Lego..???