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Land of the ..

Q. Associating the three pics. identify the source... as in just view the pics and put fundae.. Ans- Thes are the commercialized products from the sand of the Dead Sea which are thought to have skin healing "powers" Cracks- RON Aviral Rand Ashwini ps- An extremely interesting answer by B.A.T.. not right but well thought..

A Vid for Today

Q. This was recently "tributed"to someone.. Who? Ans- This is "Changes" a song by the greek artist Yanni. He recently dedicated it to Mallika Sheravat.So Mallika Sheravat was the answer. Indie Head identified Yanni which was a bit tough.

Sabse Bada

1. On reverse side, a double line cross with a dot in each pellet of cross and inscription in Hindi and English around it. This design has been prepaed by National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad with the theme of "Unity in Diversity". An alternate theme in a press release is quoted to be "Connectivity and Information technology" The outer side metal is Nickel-Bronze and the inner side metal is Ferrous Steel. The weight is 8 grams. These are being made at mainly Noida and Mumbai. These worth Rs.70 million are already stored in its stock till August 2008. What are these?? 2. * Each shipment crossing an international border should be: 1. Transported in a tamper-resistant container. 2. Accompanied by a government-validated XXX Certificate. * Each certificate must be resistant to forgery, uniquely numbered and describe the shipment's contents. * The shipments are only supposed to be exported to other XXX participant countries. Failure to compl

One for the lovers

Q. A realy easy ones for those who follow it.. Identify(as in give the general name of) the myterious driver shown below. Who was the celebrity who revealed himself as being it?? Ans- The "stig" who is the test driver in Top gear. Michael schumacher was revealed to be the stig in a recent show on Top Gear. Cracks- Sairam, Raklodrama, Anonym 1, RON, Aman, Anonym 2, Ashwini, Anonym of "guessthelogo" fame.

Over the hills and far away - Quiz Blog

Q. Identify the "person" who wrote the first letter.. a second pic is given as a connect cum clue or what i'd term a give-away.. Ans- Jack the ripper.. that is letter he wrote and the first usage of the pseudonym "jack the ripper".. second pic is from 1889, issue of Puck magazine, by cartoonist Tom Merry as explained by rithwik(in comments)... Cracks- Rithwik Sairam Chitananda J.Walker Sandipan

Easy Connect

Q. An easy connect on an overcast hyderabad sunday.. (purely co-inc. if this may have appeared in another quiz blog before..) Ans- Juggernaut Movie: Juggernaut.. the anthony hopkins starrer Comics: Juggernaut (X-Men) Juggernaut is derived from Lord Jaganath.. Cracks- Sandipan Sairam Debashish Nakki Nadeem

Grumpy Bumpy.. pic quiz

Q. Identify the damsel..major clue in the pic. Ans- The answer was Lydia Guevara grand daughter of Che who Sandipan saw in Bang Mirror and i saw in TOI.. Off course its for the PETA ad. Cracks- Sandipan Nakki Adi Ron Abhinav (got the peta ad part)

A very fundamental question for today : quiz Blog- Pic Quiz

Q. Identify. Ans- George Johnstone Stoney (15 February 1826 – 5 July 1911) was an Irish physicist most famous for introducing the term electron as the "fundamental unit quantity of electricity". He had introduced the concept, though not the word, as early as 1874 and 1881, and the word came in 1891.

From the papers

"I just wasn't fast enough," said Nguyen, a 23-year-old engineer from Pennsylvania. Asked how it felt to take second place, he was clearly disappointed: "I just got beaten by a teenage girl, but you know." Tirosh, who said she practiced with her friend and trainer Amy, who threw out random words or symbols and even motivational Buddhist quotes, admitted to feeling a certain pressure due to the home side advantage. Wearing a satin boxing robe before her championship bout against Pozgar, she said success would come down to who could marry lightning speed and accuracy. "It's about balance." She said she owed her success to relaxation and deep breathing. So dedicated is she to the art that Tirosh apparently unwittingly uses abbreviations such as BTW (by the way), TTYL (talk to you later) and LOL (laughing out loud) in her normal speech. In a tense championship final, Tirosh seemed to have won only for judges to rule she had made a 15,000-dollar

put fundae..

* Willard Scott (Washington, D.C. 1963–1965) * Bev Bergeron (Southern California, 1966-68) * George Voorhis (South California, 1968-1970) * Bob Brandon (1970-1975) * King Moody (1975-1984) * Squire Fridell (1984-1991) * Jack Doepke (1990-1995) * Joe Maggard (1995-2007) * Brad Lennon (2007-Present) Ans- At any given time, there are dozens, or possibly hundreds, of actors retained by McDonald's to appear as Ronald McDonald in restaurants and events. It is assumed, however, that the company uses only one actor at a time to play the character in national television commercials. the above is a list of such primary Ronald actors. Cracks- Sandipan Chitananda Sairam VONMANN Aman

Pola Polu - Connect

Q. Q. A longish but easy connect. Also ill shortly be updating previous answers and honours... Ans- The connect is Rolex.. this are historic events which made or have of relevance having the involvement of rolex.. the first pic is sean connary james bond.. second the great escape .. Mercedes Gleitze was the first British woman to swim the English Channel on 7 October 1927. Some doubts were cast on her achievement when a hoaxer claimed to have made a faster swim only four days later. To silence her critics, Mercedes Gleitze attempted a repeat swim on 21 October in the full glare of publicity. Hans Wilsdorf knew a good marketing opportunity when he saw one, and offered her one of the earliest Rolex Oysters if she would wear it during the attempt. After more than 10 hours, in water that was much colder than during her first swim, she was pulled from the sea semi-conscious seven miles short of her goal.the watch was found to be in perfect condition, dry inside and ticking

Oh bugga...

Q. Identying and connecting the two (one's an author other's a character) images state what did they serve as a nomenclative influence to?? eGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href=""> Ans- Thats big bother from the movie 1984 based on book with same name by the man on the right George Orwell. The influence was the christening of the tv show big brother .. pretty obvious what i was looking for.. Cracks- Sandipan anirudh chitananda Nakki Quizzerix..

Dry One id heard some time back. Blog Quiz.

The nomination had sparked a debate particularly as the Hindi media is in a dilemma on usage of the nomenclature. As the media remained in a fix, some constitutional experts and literatteurs see nothing wrong in the nomenclature being exitently(then) used. Women activist Ranjana Kumari favoured a national debate on the subject to evolve a consensus on whether the name needs to be changed. "The word is both gender biased and patriarchal," she said. What was the controversy here?? Ans- The controversy was that there was confusion if Prathibha Patil should be referred to Rashtrapati or Rashtrapatni.. Hence there was a big mess over it.. Cracks- J.Walker Dnyanesh Chitananda RON

What do i do?? Print Ads Quiz

Here are a couple of print ad identifications. 1. 2. Ans- 1. Disney 2. Chitananda Cracks- Chitananda

Sinclinicious- Not a word either.. Pic Quiz

Q. Ok .. identify the company that used this advert and mark the contoversy this fell into... Ans- The advertiser is D&G.. it fell into controversy - campaign was deemed as illegal and humiliating to women, saying the woman's body position had no relation to the products Dolce & Gabbana were trying to sell. Cracks- B.A.T(part) Chitananda(part) Sandipan(full)

From the News : Pic Quiz.

Q. Put fundae to the following pic.. ANs- The first movie to be shown in ryadh,saudi arabia since 30 years.. the govt had closed down theatres and stopped airing of movies due to the liberal portrayal of women in movies. This movie comes as a bold step 30 years on.. cracks- ron fathima sandipan bikram

Hitradistrous - Yes ther's no such word.. i just made it up : Pic Quiz

Q. Identify the set of symbols.. (Mail ur guest questions @ ans- yes they are the planetary symbols.. cracks- avneeth

Sitter Witter..

Q. I am absolutely exhausted making other quiz question so here's a very uninspiringly easy one.. Guest Q's will be more than entertained @ = Ans- Amitabh Bachchan from his upcoming 'Pa' right from yesterday's newspaper. Cracks- Gaurav Abhinav Rajnish Saurabh Sandipan


Q. Simple. Identify. ans- the MATLAB logo.. Cracks- Raghunath Bad Ass Thambi CHitananda