**1. T is a famous Irish traditional song about a highwayman (thief), who is betrayed by his wife or lover. It is one of the most widely performed traditional Irish songs, and has been recorded by groups such as The Dubliners, The Pogues, Peter, Paul and Mary, The Highwaymen, the Leper Khanz, Roger Whittaker, the Brobdingnagian Bards and others. It was also given a rock veneer by an Irish rock band inspired by vocalist Phil Lynott .

This later went on to be covered by some great bands including U2, though their version was not amongst the best in the contemporaries.

What am I talking about??

2. Pakistan: Nargis, Laila, Nilofar, Titli, Bulbul
India: Agni, Akash, Bijli, Jal, Megh
Sri Lanka: Priya, Sama, Das, Soba

Connect these.


3. There are reportedly 17 cities in the US competing for the premier of this movie. all of them have the same name _____, and 2 other cities in UK of the same name want to host the UK premier. Which city and what movie?

4. Robert Brough-Smyth, in an 1878 book The Aborigines of Victoria, describes a game called Marn Grook, thus :
The men and boys joyfully assemble when this game is to be played. One makes a ball of possum skin, somewhat elastic, but firm and strong. The players of this game do not throw the ball as a white man might do, but drop it and at the same time kicks it with his foot. The tallest men have the best chances in this game. Some of them will leap as high as five feet from the ground to catch the ball. The person who secures the ball kicks it. This continues for hours and the natives never seem to tire of the exercise.

Marn Grook is the influence for which modern game ?

5. What was the contribution of Martin Richards to the C and CPP books??

(CLUE-We all saw it when we were new to the subject ;)….. think programs….. )

6. Vritra was an Asura who was the personification of drought. Vritra kept the waters of the world captive until he was killed by Indra, who destroyed all the ninety-nine fortresses of Vritra before liberating the imprisoned rivers. The combat began soon after Indra was born and he had drunk a large volume of Soma at Tvashtri's (who also fashioned Indra's Vajrayudha or Thunderbolt) house to empower him before facing Vritra. Vritra broke Indra's two jaws during the battle, but was then thrown down by the latter and, in falling, crushed the fortresses and released the rivers held captive.

Before going to battle with Vritra, Indra's wife Sachi is said to have performed an act, at the behest of Guru Brihaspati, to embolden Indra and ensure his victory. What act ?

7. She was ranked by a magazine as 7th in the list of 50 greatest porn stars. She had some roles in B-grade movies as well. Her first movie was surrender in paradise. Her work was also distinguished by explicit and inventive "dirty talking" during her performances. Her best work is in the award-winning Ten Little Maidens.

How is she connected to Bob Seger , the Novelist…

(CLUE- This is actually a musical connect..)

8. Here goes the story….. The earliest known examples of Q are attributed to Harvey Ball, who devised them in 1963 for a Massachusetts-based insurance firm State Mutual Life Assurance. Ball never made any profit for Q, beyond his initial $45 fee. Q was popularized in the early 1970s by a pair of brothers, Murray and Bernard Spain, who seized upon it in a campaign to sell novelty items and thus helped Q cement its place in popular culture.
However, Q's present and most commonly used avatar was created by Scott Fahlman, a research professor at Carnegie Mellon University's Department of Computer Science, in a message posted to the CMU computer science general board on 19 September 1982 (11:44) - exactly 25 years ago.

Identify Q.

9. It had 780 episodes telecast in 60 countries and has had raging reviews from the New Yorker. Women's libbers claim that it reintroduced the fashion of arrow bindis and handloom saris to Indian fashiondom. What?

10. He was the Junior National champion in Diving for 6 years in a row from the age of 11.He also got a bronze medal at the lone National Games, in which, he participated. He rightfully claims to have been among the top 3 divers in the country until he retired at the ripe age of 19. His sporting excellence got him an admission to St. Stephen’s college and he later went on a year long scholarship to Davidson college, North Carolina. He played lot of first division club cricket for the Calcutta Cricket and Football Club and when he was in Hyderabad, he played for the Vazir Sultan Tobacco which was in the A-division of Hyderabad Cricket Leagues. He embarked on a new career altogether during the 9th Asian games in 1982. His career took off from the Commonwealth Games in ’82. Today he is one of the most recognized personalities in his field.

11. “Fragrance and Beauty”, a French beauty products manufacturer was in the news recently because they made the S2 PERFUME..... Put fundae with respect to its christening...

12. The Christian New Testament includes X among the miracles performed by Jesus. Because of this precedent, demonic possession was part of the belief system of Christianity since its beginning, and X is still a recognized practice of Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox and some Protestant sects. The Church of England also has an official responsible to do the same. In recent times, the practice of X has diminished in its importance to most religious groups and its use has decreased. Generally, it is currently found mainly in Eastern Europe and Africa, with some cases gaining media coverage; Anneliese Michel is perhaps the most recent of these. This is due mainly to the study of psychology and the functioning and structure of the human mind. Many of the cases that in the past which were candidates for X are often explained to be the products of mental illness, and are handled as such.

What is X???

13. In a peculiar list of released movies……

“Nil by mouth” occupied 2nd, “Another Day in Paradise” was 14th, Pulp Fiction and The Big Lebowski were 20th and 21st positions while to everyone’s surprise The Departed finished at a low-ly 24th.The likes of Hostel, Bad Boys and Phone Booth were in this list too….

Put Fundae…

14. Simple and Straight-Forward One…..

Identify the Brand name from given tag lines….

i. Invented for Life

ii. Power.Evolved.

15. These come in a variety of "brands", usually identified by the icons stamped on the them. An example would be "Red Mercedes", which gets its name because of its red color and Mercedes-Benz logo imprinted on it. Most are named after famous persons or even tag lines or some thoughts such as "For You” and “I love Jesus” and “D & G”. However the brands do not consistently designate the actual active compound within it, as it is possible for ingenuine manufacturers to make their own versions which replicate the features of a well-known brand. Its famous alternate name is X-O's.

Chemically “Methylenedioxymethamphetamine”, how do we know it better as…???

16. In a List released of India’s highest paid CEO’s and CMD’s , Mukesh Ambani finished an expected first…. And the other hot shots were there too…To everyone’s surprise though the “Maran- Kavery” father-son duo finished locked second. They happen to work for a famous TV Channel…. Identify the TV channel.

17. The easiest one….”This July a Federal District judge ruled that the Library of Congress violated the First Amendment rights of blind people by eliminating Braille editions of a particular magazine. The Library of Congress had to stop publishing due to lack of funds. The Braille edition of the magazine comes in four volumes and contains no pictures or advertisements. It is one among 35 other magazines in Braille published by the Library and none of them were dropped. This particular magazine was the 6th most popular of all magazines published by Library of Congress. “ Id the magazine.

18.Connect these –

Marconi, Radio Communication Company, Metropolitan-Vickers, General Electric, Western Electric, and British Thomson-Houston.

19. He is supposed to be the first authentic writer on music by Persian and Arabic scholars. He was known to be a student of “Sankhya” philosophy and wrote a comprehensive book on Music in about 500 B.C. He interestingly enough had a hand in the design of the “Ouija Board” and was said to have the ability to communicate with the “other” world….

Give me his name.

20. A relatively unknown Tarot card reader till 2002, her claim to fame came when she predicted a string of cricket scores correctly (in WC2003 including the final)… She made a guest appearance in a famous talk show with Ektaa Kapoor and had a revamped look owing to Manish Malhotra in the same… She then made a stint in T.V in a show called “COSMIC CHAT”…Her list of advice seekers include many-a Bollywood stars and high profile Indians. Who am I talking about..??

** 21. ** ….NON EVALUATIVE…This One’s My Favorite Track so I put it…!!!

The song is believed to refer to X’s experiences with a similarly-named batch of LSD produced in 1966 by Owsley Stanley. Others believed that the song's name was derived from a strain of marijuana. At another point, x said he took the title from Night of Light, a science fiction novel written by Philip José Farmer that he was reading at the time and stressed the song was about love and rubbished all allegations.

What song and whose X??


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