Q. Ok what you tou have to do is identify this man.. his achievement wrt TIME and India and why was he on the cover??

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Ans- Is the Nizam of Hyde.. featured since he was the richest man back then and one of the rare billionaires.

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rubbiya said…
Mir Osman Ali Khan, the Nizam of Hyderabad & Berar.

He cancelled the scheduled Coronation Durbar of the winter of British King & Emperor George VI.

He contributed to Britain some $100,000,000 cash plus untold supplies and Hyderabad army units.
Dhananjay said…
nizam of hyderabad!
Quiz Blogs said…
The Nizam of Hyderabad - As he was the richest man in the world
sumo said…
NIZAM OF HYDERABAD-richest man in the world.... 1937 edition....

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