Sunday. (Movie Quiz)

Q. Whilst giving the funda where would you find this image and connect it to a hindi film. (Or connect to another film if you prefer it that way or both if want to.)


This is on the dvd of momento.. connect obviously is ghjini (2k5 n 2k8)...
Cracked by Shrey.


Anonymous said…
Anterogade amnesia patient passing the airport customs maybe. Memento and the other hindi movie being examples of what!!!!
Shrey said…
Actually it can be connected to three films: Ghajini(2008 Hindi film), Ghajini(2005 Tamil Film) and Memento(Christopher Nolan's original). They are based on anteretrograde amnesia/Short term memory loss, which can be tested by the Mental Health Battery Test shown.
Shrey said…
Sorry, the image is Memento's Special Edition DVD's menu: arranged as psychological tests, highlighting certain objects will lead to special features.
jollyrover said…
yea its momento's dvd addn.. connect is ghajini 2k8 n 2k9..
whichever way u lk it..

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