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Q. Identify who this is and what is so special/unique about this image??

Ans- The true face of cleopatra was rebuild using technology in 3-d. Said to be the most accurate re-creation.

Cracks- Anirudh , Dhananjay.


Anirudh Patil said…
th true face of cleopatra was rebuild using some scientific technology..
Dhananjay said…
even i want to post questions...can i ? and if yes how?
jollyrover said…
yes dhananjay (& everyone alike) you can mail me the questions at-

I will approve them and put them
on the blog. Your contribution & link(be it your blog) will be recognized!!

Dhananjay said…
Cleopatra in 3d. just like einstein's brain was rebuilt in 3d after his death virtually!
jollyrover said…
precious answers and cracks r also up..

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