Q. Connect these...('Tis a Sitter!!!)

Q. The up and down,
The circular swing, The whip, Drunk style, The half-circle or V,
The figure eight, The side to side, The whiplash, The Two up-Two down , The all-out,
The thrust, The hammer, The low-profile, The full body, The gallop, The half body....

Wha in the world am i talking about...?!?

(Google it...!!! I want ppl to read about it ;P )


Anonymous said…
I wikied for the individual pictures. Am guessing the connect to be the varieties of ringing of bells.
Pic 1 - Metallica's album Ride the Lightning contains the song "For Whom the Bells Toll"
Pic 2 - the movie poster for "For whom the Bells Toll"
Pic 3 - book cover
rishabh said…
1.sbe jubz gur oryy gbyyf(zrgnyyvpn : fbat, tnel pbbcre/oretzna: zbivr, urzvatjnl: obbx)
2.Fglyrf bs fxngrobneqvat?
Anonymous said…
for whom the bell tolls...war novel
1)song by metallica based on the novel by ernest hemingway
2)gary cooper+ingrid bergman movie
3)novel by ernest hemingway
jollyrover said…
Yea first one is right..

Second one not cracked yet!!

Rishabh on the right kinda lines but not close yet!!
jollyrover said…
The answer ro the second part in fact is they are all styles of head banging!!

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