Never Say Never..

In the mood for superheroes.. Identify the comic series. Recently a movie adaptation was made by XXX. XX had also previously made a movie YYY based on a graphic novel..
The strip,XXX and YYY please..

ps- Im sorry for the erratic frequency of posting.. I'd put it down to dearth of questions and nothing much moving in the news..


The strip: Watchmen
XXX: Zack Snyder
YYY: 300




avneeth said…
Well the picture is of Watchmen written by Alan Moore ... who also scripted V for Vendetta but i think you guys are looking for the director the ever infamous Zack Snyder who ruined this classic movie adaptation and made 300 last year.
RON said…
Aviral said…
The strip: Watchmen
XXX: Zack Snyder
YYY: 300

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