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Q. A realy easy ones for those who follow it.. Identify(as in give the general name of) the myterious driver shown below. Who was the celebrity who revealed himself as being it??

Ans- The "stig" who is the test driver in Top gear. Michael schumacher was revealed to be the stig in a recent show on Top Gear.

Cracks- Sairam, Raklodrama, Anonym 1, RON, Aman, Anonym 2, Ashwini, Anonym of "guessthelogo" fame.


Sairam said…
As for the general name- The Stig.
The White Stig was revealed to be Michael Schumacher in the 1st episode of the 13th series but at the end of the show this was implied to be a joke.
The Black Stig is Perry Mccarthy for sure..
Anonymous said…
Michael Schumacher
I was to put this question on my quizzing blog
But you stole ;) it .. ha ha
Anonymous said…
Michael schumacher aka "stig" the test driver in Top gear.
RON said…
Michael schumacher aka "stig" the test driver in Top gear.
aman said…
The STIG!! from top gear..his identity has not been revealed
Anonymous said…
Michael Schumacher
ashwini_nit said…
Its the STIG..but till now not sure who is the mysterious one.. its not schumi..wot i think
Anonymous said…
Micheal Schumacher

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