Joga part 2

6. Put fundae: Pescadero, Santa Cruz, Lucia, Oceano, Naples, Glendale, Indio, Royal Oak, One Tree Hill, Phoenix, Deer Park, Bon Echo, Gran Paradiso, Shiretoko...

7. Connect: Valley of Peace, Thread of Hope, Chor Ghom Prison, Jade Palace...

8. Jobs and Woz took a working model of X plus a cassette interface card to the Personal Computer Festival. An onlooker termed their product as a “crude cigar box”, and it was positively amateurish in comparison to some of the other models there and didn’t attract much attention. Hiring a handful of employees who were mostly high school students, they started preparing for the West Coast Computer Fair. There, the world set its eyes on the sleekest, most professional looking computer which had the most advanced motherboard of its time. X went to revolutionize the PC market and is still remembered fondly by hobbyists as one of the first real Personal Computers. Identify X.
9. The Sumerians knew it 6000 years ago. At first, it was the monopoly of Greek priests. The Romans got it from their Greek slaves. Later, Venetian merchants started taking an interest. Turks ate the fetid, brackish cakes flavoured with nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon, and saffron. Persians drank it with wine. Egyptians dissolved it in delicate balms. Arabs took it over the Caucasian mountains and into Asia. The Chinese ate it – in fish cakes sprinkled with vinegar and it didn’t take long for the Malays to acquire the taste. The European conquest of the Americas brought it to the pipe’s bowl and then there was no stopping it. What am I talking about??

10. Founded in 1889, they are the third club in world to have launched a co-branded credit card in their name after Manchester United and Barcelona FC. Identify the club.

1)mozilla firefox versions

2)kung fu panda

3)Apple || (2)


5)Mohun bagan

Attempts n Cracks-



Nakki said…
1)mozilla firefox versions

2)kung fu panda

3)Apple || (2)


5)Mohun bagan AC
Sandi said…
6. Firefox codenames before release
7. Kung Fu Panda
8. Apple II
9. Beer
10. Mohun Bagan
aman said…
6. Names of Firefox releases
7.Kung fu Panda
8.Apple 2..
10.Mohun Bagan F.C.

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