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Q. The original idea for the band's name was "Civilian", but it was dropped when members found out that it was already taken.After the name was announced, it emerged that it was already being used by an unsigned band from Liverpool . The two bands worked out a settlement, involving $30,000 in a deal that allowed each band to use the name. To avoid confusion, the Liverpool band would rename themselves The Most Terrifying Thing. The name was mocked by critics due to its uninspired nature,, and was regarded as one of the worst in contemporary rock music, even of all time. Pitchfork Media called it the "most asinine bandname of the year", while Spin magazine chided it as "one of the dumbest band names in recent rock history". Which band??


A poor, uneducated native of the Shafi (Hadhramaut coast of south Yemen, XXX emigrated to Saudi Arabia before WW-1, initially working as a porter in . In 1930, he started his own construction business and after coming to the attention of Ibn Saud, first monarch of Saudi Arabia, he eventually achieved such success that his family became known as "the wealthiest non-royal family in the kingdom." XXX's enormous financial success was ascribed to a shrewd business sense, fealty to Saudi Arabia's rulers, reliability and a willingness to offer the lowest bid on construction contracts.

As the "royal builder," XXX forged close relationships with the royal family, particularly Faisal the prince of of Saudi Arabia. In 1964, Prince Faisal deposed his half-brother, Saud (king), and began rebuilding the kingdom after the wasteful excesses of the Saud era. Despite rising oil wealth, the kingdom was fiscally insolvent. King Faisal accepted XXX's offer of financial assistance to support the national economy and as a reward, King Faisal issued a royal decree awarding all future construction projects to XXX's construction company.

Q. Put fundae to the stamp. Why was this released??


1. Md Bin Laden .. Osama's daddy..!

2. This was released by pakistan to internationally put pressure on India after the 71 war to release POW's being held.

Carckks- Dhananjay, Nakki


Nakki said…
1)Audio slave

2)Mhd. Bin Laden

3)pakistani POW's of 1971
Dhananjay said…
the above answers i presume are correct so no point answering !

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