Are you dead yet??

Sorry guys been a lil busy with exams.. now with all endeavor lets restart the questioning and answering!!
Easy ones on the comeback trail..!!

Q. Put Fundae.

Q. Map for??


1. Church of Maradonna. (No Cracks.)

2. Oz. (cracks- visaka, JW )


Dhananjay said…
first one could be of diego maradona coming back to the argentinian football team so in honour of him and second one of possible germany related east and west germany as there is something of munchkin.

sorry, im new to the blog !
1. diego maradona:
jersey number-10 of oz
jollyrover said…
second bit is oz...
first one is still open..
not yet cracked!!
Arun said…
1. Hand of god goal.

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