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The XXX was invented by physicist Leonard Reiffel, who used it to draw illustrations on a series of science shows he did for public television in the late 1950s. The user interface for early XXX required the user to draw on a TV screen with a light pen, whereas modern implementations are commonly controlled with a touch screen or tablet PC. Today XXX are widely used in broadcasts of all major sports. They have also become a useful tool in televised weather reports.

Ans- The Telestrator...


• 1992 - _________________
• 1994 - Michael Stich
• 1995 - Pete Sampras
• 1996 - Sergei Bruguera
• 1999- Andrei Medvedev

Complete this list.

ans- Goran ivanisevic... Andre Aggasi opponents in GS's he's won..


Antonio Prohías's wordless “_________" the never-ending battle between the iconic characters in it, has outlasted the Cold War that inspired it. Except for the respective black/white color of their clothing, the characters were identical in appearance and intent. The strip was a silent parable about the futility of mutually-assured destruction, with various elaborate deathtraps designed in Prohías' thick line. Almost always, the trap would boomerang back on the one who had concocted it. In many cases, the backfiring result would have been anticipated by the first one, who would then spring a counteraction, thus defeating the opposing one whom the trap was supposed to have targeted. The dead one would be restored to life in the successive strip. There was no pattern or order dictating which who would be killed in a particular episode could be known. A female "Gray “ version occasionally appeared; unlike her two adversaries, she always prevailed.

Ans- spy vs. spy (shame no one got this..!!)

X is a drink that was created during World War II in Germany by the German Y bottling company. Due to restrictions on shipping between Germany and the United States, the German bottling plant could not get Y syrup. The CEO of the plant, Max Keith, needed a product to keep the plant in operation and devised a drink made from available ingredients. Using apple fiber remaining from cider pressing and whey, a byproduct from cheese manufacture, X was created and became quite popular. The original German X had a yellow color. The flavor varied throughout the war, depending on the ingredients used. The name X was coined during an employee contest to name the new beverage. Keith told them to let ‘something’ run wild. On hearing that, salesman Joe Knipp spontaneously arrived upon the name X. (the word that represents something gives birth to the name of this drink).

ans- Fanta... cracked after much confusion by "bad"......


BAD said…
Sorry it's the 4th one that's Fanta

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