This is a nice one..!!

Q. Tonnes of contreversies..Identify and put fundae.

Q. Connect.Explain all pics..

Ans-> (1st one in comments...)

Ans-> The connect is Asterix.... The amusemnt park is the 1st to be Asterix themed...thats the satellite Asterix... The Belin Chips came out with Asterix range of munchies...lastly the 2006 fifa WC final was dubbed by many newspapers as the battle b/w the romans and the gauls....


Anonymous said…
dude wats ta ans fa ta previous one??
Anonymous said…
1)Jyllands-Posten danish newspaper which published muhammed cartoons...
Anonymous said…
2)belin cornsnacks from germany+roller coaster in berlin+fifa in germany+_______....the connect being germany??
jollyrover said…
Jyllands-posten is bang on..
no the connect is not
quite rite im afraid..!!

ps- Im publishing the previous one undthe post itself..!!

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