Random Easy Fun

"It was chaos, wasn’t it? What was going on off the stage was just beyond comprehension - stretchers and dead bodies and people throwing up and people having bad trips . . . I thought the whole of America had gone mad." --Pete Townsend, The Who

"If you can remember X, you probably weren’t there." --Wavy Gravy

"It was unbelievable, man; I was looking for Jesus out there . . . But all I saw was bottles and titties." --Kid Rock

"Holy shit, it looks like Apocalypse Now out there." --Anthony Kiedis, RHCP

"Rage Against the Latrines" – The Rolling Stone Magazine title.

What is being referred to...???

Q. Identify and put fundae to its claim to fame...


Anonymous said…
the woodstock legacy...the rock concert in new york..responsible for havoc n felonies lik rape,sexual assault..causing deaths n alot of lawsuits being filed after the festival...
Anonymous said…
The world islands in dubai..man made islands shaped into the continents of the world.
jagriti said…
the world islands of dubai

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